Schools that Teach


Post-Secondary Education

Increase the number of full-time students enrolled in STEM specific majors at state-supported institutions of higher education by 10,000 by 2020.

Why is this goal important?

With an increasing number of 21st century jobs relying on a workforce with high tech skills, investing in STEM and CTE is vital to the future success of Pennsylvania’s economy. Aligning the skills students are learning with the skills demanded by Pennsylvania’s industries and businesses will help students qualify for good-paying, family-sustaining jobs when they graduate.

What are we working on to reach this goal?

The Governor proposed funding from PHEAA proceeds to enhance incentives for students to pursue careers in fast-growing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. The Wolf Administration is working to improve our K-12 STEM programming through a focus on career and technical education, which will ensure that students are prepared for post-secondary STEM programs.

The goals below will expand access to higher education for Pennsylvania’s children through tuition assistance and increased opportunities.