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K-12 Education

Upon implementation of a revised School Performance Profile, the Department of Education will set a target to increase the number of schools receiving scores that indicate students are prepared for post-secondary education or career success.

Why is this goal important?

Over the last four years schools across Pennsylvania have suffered from $1 billion in cuts that led to massive layoffs, huge property tax increases, and the elimination of valuable programs. The data also shows that as education classroom funding fell, so did student scores in reading and math. Governor Wolf is fighting to increase investments in our schools and improve outcomes. To balance these new investments, we know we need to make sure our schools are providing students with the tools to succeed in the workforce. The current School Performance Profile (SPP) relies heavily on standardized test scores, which can be a useful tool in evaluating school and student perfromance but should be one part in a balanced assessment that takes into account many different student outcomes. The Wolf Administration is in the final stages of developing a new SPP, which will include many different indicators of student and school success.

What are we working on to reach this goal?

The Wolf Administration believes that Pennsylvania should adopt a more holistic approach to evaluating students and schools instead of relying so heavily on standardized testing. The administration is engaging with lawmakers, advocates, educators, administrators, and other stakeholders to develop a new tool that takes into account varying indicators of student and school achievement.

The goals below will ensure K-12 education in Pennsylvania is reprioritized and give our kids the tools they need to learn and succeed in the 21st century.