Jobs that Pay


Job Creation

Partner with the private sector to create and retain 280,000 pledged jobs by 2020 that pay at least 80% of the average wage in the county in where the jobs are located.

Why is this goal important?

To rebuild the middle class, we need new ideas to create jobs that pay and policies that support our manufacturing and new growth industries. We must make new investments in 21st century manufacturing and refocus our economic development dollars and strategies. The commonwealth can help set the table for robust private sector growth to create and retain good jobs while strengthening the middle class.

What are we working on to reach this goal?

The administration is partnering with the private sector to make smart investments that will create jobs. We are working to improve the business climate in Pennsylvania by reforming the tax system including ending the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax. We are also working with our colleges and universities to connect learning and training to employers.

The goals below will spur the creation of new businesses that will grow Pennsylvania’s economy by providing jobs that pay.