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Infrastructure and Development

Improve the safety and interconnectedness of the commonwealth's transportation network by repairing or replacing 1,800 structurally deficient bridges by 2020.

Why is this goal important?

Pennsylvania has long been home to the highest number of structurally deficient bridges in the nation. Left unattended, this circumstance would have led to additional bridge postings and closings. Those outcomes are very destructive to local communities and quality of life.

What are we working on to reach this goal?

The Administration is fixing more roads and bridges. We have started work on nearly 600 projects worth nearly $2.5 billion. We improved more than 6,000 miles of pavements this year and we are making headway against the backlog of bridges in need of immediate repair. Through a public-private partnership (P3) called Rapid Bridge Replacement, we will see the new design and construction of 558 structurally deficient, geographically dispersed bridges across the state over a three-year period, followed by a 25 year maintenance period for each bridge. This process would normally take eight to 12 years to complete. Furthermore, the Governor has proposed historic levels of new investment in all modes of transportation.

In addition to investing in infrastructure, the goals below will also help to revitalize Pennsylvania’s communities through economic growth.