Once complete, Governor’s Goals will not only introduce measurable goals, but also track progress toward the goals and makes the data used to measure the goals available to the public.

This beta launch of the site is the first phase in the implementation of Governor’s Goals. The site is structured around a three-level hierarchy: priorities, top-line measures, and agency indicators. Each key priority — Jobs that Pay, Schools that Teach, and Government that Works — has corresponding “top-line” measures, which in turn have corresponding agency indicator measures.

Governor Wolf has worked to make government more accountable and transparent. The measurement of goals, with an increased emphasis on progress tracking, is the next step toward making Pennsylvania government more accountable to citizens.

What is the timeline for adding data to the goals website?

We are currently compiling data for past years, but because many of these metrics are new measures, we are aiming to upload the first full year of data within the next 12 months. We will be developing and building this website throughout the year to make it more dynamic.

How often will the goal data be updated?

Because many of these metrics are new measures, we will upload the first full year of data within the next 12 months, and then at regular intervals throughout the year. Due to the nature of some data collection measures, some goal data will be updated only annually, while other data points could be updated more frequently.

How are the data collected?

Each agency will identify and collect data and it will be verified by the Governor’s Budget Office prior to being released.

What will happen if a goal is not being met?

As data are updated, agencies will be able to monitor goal progress and focus attention and resources as available on goals that are not being met.

How exactly will you measure improvements in the goal areas?

Each measurement has a goal set for 2020. Progress toward this 2020 goal will be tracked and marked as “On Track,” “Near Goal,” and “More Work to Do.”


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